Activities in Manly

Manly is a great area for you to explore. Before, or after you have enjoyed your fine dining experience at Wilsons Boathouse there are plenty of places and activities in Manly for you to indulge in.

Bike Hire

An excellent way to take in the sights of the coastline is by hiring a bike from Bayside Bicycle hire. You can enjoy a more indulgent seafood lunch without any of the guilt if you tour the area on a bike. It also gives you more access than you would have in a car.

Moreton Island

Just off the coast is Moreton Island. Full of beautiful beaches and steep dunes, there is plenty to keep you entertained here for a day. Go diving in the coral reef and sunken ships, feed the dolphins at the dolphin feeding spot or explore the dunes. During whale watching season they can often be seen from Moreton Island.

St Helena Island

St Helena Island is a great destination for the history buff. Originally the site of a quarantine station and then a prison in the 19th century. These days it is a heritage listed tourist destination. You can visit the island with Cat O’ Nine Tails Cruisers. You will be able to explore the ruins of the prison as part of the history tour and may even be able to go on the ghost tour if you are brave enough. Spend the day learning about the history of St Helena Island and then spend your evening eating fresh seafood at our beautiful restaurant.

Peel Island

Peel Island was also used as a quarantine station during the mid-19th century. Parts of the old quarantine station remain to this day, including an old well. From 1907 until 1959, Peel Island was used as a leper colony. These days it is enjoyed by tourists and locals. To get to Peel Island you have to go by sea, many choosing to kayak to the island. Although the waters surrounding the island are often full of jellyfish and many sharks have been spotted in the area. The island is best known for its beautiful national park and abundance of birds.

Whale Watching

Whale watching is a seasonal activity. From June, the whales start arriving and you can book a cruise to go out and see them. Spend your morning whale watching and then come in for a hot meal and a glass of wine afterward.

Manly Esplanade

If you’re after something slower paced a stroll along the Manly Esplanade might be right up your alley. You can go for a walk before your lunch, take in the sights and sounds of Manly during the day. Or you could go for a stroll after dinner, watch the sunset over the horizon as you walk along the beautiful esplanade between the green grass and the sandy beach.

Whatever you are looking for, Manly has something to keep you entertained in the area. There are many more places to explore, visit the local information center to find out what else is out there.